About me

I am Alessandra Carulli.

I offer my experience to make yours unique.

My job is to make your dreams, ideas and projects come true.

Give shape to your desire for discovery, growth, sharing an unforgettable moment. I will be able to create a unique experience for you thanks to my empathy, listening skills and professional experience, built up over years of travel, study and curiosity.

Would you like to know more about me? Please, read my CV.

Feel, share, discover, learn. Like you have never done it before.

My expertise finds expression in three business areas: education, tourism, private and corporate events. In each of them I have developed strong organisational and creative skills, to guarantee a specific, professional and high quality proposal.


You can grow your training offer in the tourism and events sector, thanks to my education background and project management skills, gained over years of activity as an entrepreneur and as a teacher in tourism economics and marketing and event planning.


Would you like to realize an important and unique moment? Whether it is a wedding, a corporate event or a medical conference, I will understand your needs and those of the participants, taking care of every detail.


My passion for the Italian landscape enhancement combined with the local marketing development knowledge, make you plan the right project for you, your company or institution. My expertise in tourism policies and consulting for event and accomodation firms are a  will be able to create ad hoc proposals, looking towards new horizons.

"Billie Holiday said we never discover what is enough until we discover what is more than enough. Great commitment, all-round ability, talent in understanding and expanding the potential of an event, a network of quick and creative collaborators, accompanied by an extreme pleasantness. Well, for me meeting Alessandra has meant to discover what "more than enough" is."
Marco Alessandrini - Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Director of the Mental Health Center in Chieti
"Since the moment she joined our Association, I found out and still appreciate her dynamism, enthusiasm and ability to work on different and innovative projects. She is a deep connoisseur of the territory and a professional with a strong attitude to relationships."
Lido Legnini – Managing Director, Confesercenti Abruzzo
"As a professional wedding photographer I can say working with Alessandra has been a wonderful experience: each of us giving our best, thanks to our skills, in a balanced relationship. Alessandra is an established professional and very pleasant person who I recommend to anyone willing to have a fairytale wedding and to companies looking for the best support in the event planning."
Federico Valenzano, Photographer

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